Commonwealth Department of Health, Information Resources and Research Services (IRRS)

IRRS is the Department’s specialist bio-medical and scientific information provider. Its key role is to provide timely, comprehensive and cost effective delivery of authoritative information to meet the needs of the Department’s Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG).

Project Description:

A comprehensive review of IRRS including key influencers and drivers, organisational alignment, clients, service offerings, organisational structure, services management and supporting processes.  The review identified opportunities and improvements to enable IRRS staff to better support the strategic goals of the Department and the information needs and skills required of its specialist staff.

Project Outcomes: 

A report and strategic action plan that contained:

  • A redefinition and re-scoping of the service
  • A set of recommended actions and strategies for ongoing development
  • Metrics-informed process and performance management
  • A listing of potential new and upgraded technologies to assist in the implementation of better-practice e-resource management and research support
  • Alignment with departmental strategic direction

Associate Consultant: Steve O’Connor

Steve O’Connor’s extensive experience, skills, insight and knowledge provided an invaluable contribution to this project. RHCS highly recommends Steve O’Connor. To find out more see:

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