Town of Victoria Park Library (WA)

Project: Library review and Strategic Plan Project Components and Outcomes: Operational Review and Recommendations reportCommunity engagement – direct consultations and surveyStaff and Council Officer consultations and surveyInfrastructure review – capacity of current building, including current and future needsDevelopment of a Library Operational Strategy Town of Victoria Park Library

Training (Australia & New Zealand)

1.  Strategic Planning Training RHCS provides introductory and advanced strategic planning workshops * that cover: Strategic planning principles The strategic planning process Situation analysis, including identification of internal and external inputs Identifying critical issues Defining the strategic framework Tactical thinking 2. Marketing planning RHCS provides introductory and advanced marketing planning … Continue reading

Whyalla City Library Service (SA)

Library Structural Review and Strategic Plan A comprehensive review of library services and the development of a library strategy and new staffing structure The project outcomes included: Comprehensive community, staff and Councillor consultation and workshops, Staff consultation meetings and workshop Community Survey (online and paper-based) Development of a library strategic … Continue reading

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Mobile and Home Library Services Review A comprehensive review of the library’s home and mobile library services, including: Benchmarking surveys (costs, staffing etc) Staff surveys and meetings Community survey Home library service evaluation and recommendations Mobile Library Service evaluation and recommendations Staffing review (structural change recommendations) The outcomes of the … Continue reading

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Procurement Review A comprehensive review of all library procurement services and practices, including: A detailed exploration and calculation of current in-house procurement costs A detailed exploration of procurement services and costs offered by external suppliers (for comparative purposes) Face-to-face meetings with all key stakeholders and stakeholder groups Research of collaborative … Continue reading

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Project: Scoping and Concept Planning Project – Helensburgh Branch Library Project Description: Initial scoping and concept planning for the future upgrade / replacement of the current Helensburgh Branch Library. This included: Community Consultation (Workshops and community survey) Demographic analysis – future trends A building audit / assessment and report (current … Continue reading