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Roger Henshaw

Principal Consultant and Owner, Roger Henshaw has over 30 years local government experience, including 12 years at a senior management level. Experience and expertise includes:

  • Strategic and marketing planning
  • Organisational review
  • Staff, customer and community engagement / consultation
  • Cultural services management, including public libraries, archives etc.
  • Managing the implementation of a shared services i.e. IT, Finance, Human Resources, WH&S, and Risk Management etc.
  • Financial, technology and human resource management
  • Training in strategic and marketing planning
  • Cultural change management and facilitation
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Recruitment


Victoria Anderson

Victoria joined RHCS in April 2013, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the consultancy.

She has worked in academic, special and public libraries in a variety of roles, and most recently as a Consultant with Public Library Services at the State Library of NSW. In this role she provided a support and advisory service to public library staff throughout NSW.

Victoria’s particular skills include:

  • Policy development
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing planning
  • Provision of specialist advice in particular in the areas of marketing, programming and professional development
  • Staff and service reviews
  • Change management

Victoria’s skill and expertise as an editor, writer and grant maker mean she is able to provide expert assistance with, for example, the preparation of annual reports, library newsletters, writing for social media and applications for grant funding.


Derrick Lam

Derrick is an independent consultant that joined RHCS as an associate in 2019.

Experience and expertise include:

Lengthy 30 years career in a diverse range of businesses and local government libraries. These experiences include:

  • Public libraries

Over 15 years’ experience working with library management systems and managing library technical services teams.

  • Library and records management recruitment and consultancy

As a consultant, he was involved in staff development and recruitment over a range of library services and records management services.

  • Library technical services

His skills include cataloguing and library material processing.

  • Records and information management in a large multinational corporation

While working as a member of a records management (RM) team and as a solo information management executive, Derrick has worked in many critical RM technical and induction programs with the aim of achieving compliance with RM standards.

  • Business analysis

Derrick has demonstrated the capacity to deliver reports and projects applying problem solving skills and process analysis knowledge.

  • IT systems integration and implementation

Extensive experience in deploying project methodologies to deliver IT systems integration and implementation within budget and project targets. Derrick is a Prince2 practitioner.

  • Software application development

With a personal interest in IT application development, Derrick has shown a commitment in applying IT systems to deliver high quality and efficient solutions to meet business needs.

  • Training and staff induction

To enable his corporate employer to achieve RM compliance, he was a key resource in developing and delivering training and RM induction program for staff at all levels.

  • Film archives

He has been involved in a film restoration project and has a personal interest in Australian film history.

  • Team leadership and coaching

Derrick is committed to values and behaviours that enable efficient team work. In his opinion, the maintenance of interpersonal relationships in a working environment is essential, and includes being friendly, having a sense of humour and treating people with respect and dignity.

RHCS provides creative and innovative solutions for all your management concerns.

We observe, analyse and review your practices to ensure your organisation and your staff are working efficiently and harmoniously.

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