Indigo Shire Libraries (VIC)


Strategic Action Plan






Project Description: A comprehensive review of the Shire’s Library service, including its staffing and structure, and the preparation of a strategic action plan to guide the library in the future delivery of services and programs to the community. The review included reference to current standards and guidelines e.g. Beyond a Quality Service: Strengthening the social fabric. Standards and Guidelines for Australian Public Libraries 2012, an evidence-based guide to the development of library services in Australia.

Project Outcomes: A comprehensive report and strategic action plan that contains:

  • A set of recommended actions and strategies for the ongoing development of the library service
  • A recommended organisational structure
  • Alignment with Council’s strategic direction

“an excellent report and certainly value for money!” [David Koren, Manager Community Planning]

City of Ryde Library Service (NSW)


Libraries for Ryde

Ryde Library

Ryde Library









Project Description: Libraries for Ryde – a major strategic research and planning project. This 12-month project included:

  1. A background and context review – covering all aspects of the library service and its delivery model, including an operational review, demographic review, policy, strategic context and the guiding principles of staff, emerging trends (local, national and international), resourcing etc. and the expected impact on the library service
  2. Consideration and evaluation of strategic possibilities for the City of Ryde Library Service, including, new service delivery model options, facilities review, collections review, services and programs review, information and communication technology review, resourcing – staffing, partnerships and finances, and stakeholder engagement
  3. Future Scenarios, including reference to the current political, economic, social and technological environment; development of a library master plan, general building planning and design criteria, a new library service delivery model – principles and criteria, and some scenario planning
  4. Implementation Plan (Libraries for Ryde Strategic Direction) – a comprehensive plan to guide the future development of the library service for the City of Ryde Council.

This project involved high levels of involvement from a number of library staff, including research, evaluation and feedback; input and feedback from a Council and community based project reference group, Councillors, Council officers and numerous other stakeholders.

Project Outcome: A comprehensive review of current library services and service delivery model, taking into account both current and emerging trends, locally identified needs and resourcing, and an assessment of potential future scenarios.

Development and publication of a strategic planning document, service delivery model framework and an implementation plan to guide the library service over the next decade.

A copy of the Libraries for Ryde review and strategic plan can be downloaded here: Libraries for Ryde 2014 – 2024

Libraries for RydeIt has been quite an undertaking, but with your very able assistance and patience, we have successfully engaged and informed staff whilst coming up with a plan that will provide really good scope for the future development of the library service.” [J.Webb, Manager Library Services]

Cessnock City Library (NSW)

Library Review and Strategic Plan

Cessnock Library

Cessnock Branch Library








Project Description: The development of a comprehensive and Council aligned strategic plan included, research into current library industry trends and issues; a comprehensive library user survey, a library non-user telephone survey (conducted by Jetty Research Pty Ltd) face-to-face consultations with the library staff (included an online staff survey),and other key Council and community stakeholders. The strategic review also referenced current NSW and national library standards and guidelines.

Project Outcomes – A comprehensive strategic planning document and support resources that delivers:

  • Clear direction for staff and the community on the library’s strategic priorities
  • The strategies and actions required to achieve strategic goals
  • The basis for resource planning and external funding applications; and
  • An alignment with Council’s strategic direction

Clarence Regional Library Service (NSW)

Regional Library Review and Strategic Plan

RHCS conducted a review of library services across the three Councils that make up the Clarence Regional Library Service (Clarence Valley; Bellingen and Nambucca). The review was to gather data for the development of a regional strategic plan to further develop and enhance library services to the region.

The results of the project included:

The development and regional Council adoption of a library service strategic plan, with recommended actions.


Mornington Island Library (QLD)

Mornington Island Library






Library Service Review

Mornington Island is a small Aboriginal community in the Gulf of Carpentaria and is now administered by the Mornington Shire Council. Gununa township is home to the majority of the island’s population of around 1,200.

Mornington Island is located 2270 km north west of Brisbane and 125 km north west of Burketown; the nearest centre of population

Project Description: A comprehensive review of library operations, funding and staffing. Provision of recommendations / options regarding a future service delivery model and strategy.

Contact: Chris Francis, CEO | Mornington Island Shire Council


Tel: (07) 47457200 | Email:

This project was undertaken in collaboration with Richard Sayers and Associates

Tablelands Regional Library (QLD)

Library Infrastructure and Organisational Review; and Strategic Plan

A comprehensive strategic review of library services and infrastructure against all current library and building standards; Occupational Health & Safety standards etc – the project outcomes included:

  • A review of each branch (infrastructure evaluation report)
  • A community survey
  • A staff survey
  • Development of library service delivery model recommendations
  • Development of a library strategic plan

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Procurement Review

A comprehensive review of all library procurement services and practices, including:

  • A detailed exploration and calculation of current in-house procurement costs
  • A detailed exploration of procurement services and costs offered by external suppliers (for comparative purposes)
  • Face-to-face meetings with all key stakeholders and stakeholder groups
  • Research of collaborative purchasing models
  • Research of shelf-ready outsourcing practices and services
  • Research of quality control requirements and issues
  • Survey of surrounding library services regarding outsourcing and interest in collaboration

The outcomes of the project included:

  • Development and presentation of a comprehensive, fully costed review including findings, options and recommendations

Contact: Ms Neroli Blakeman
Central Library & Support Services Manager
Tel: (02) 4227 7413

Completed 2008

New South Wales Adult Migrant Education Service (NSW AMES)

Library Management System and Cataloguing Review; and Implementation Project

Project Description:

  • Scoping of a Library Management System Tender
  • Scoping of library material cataloguing requirements (approximately 35,000 items needed to be catalogued)
  • Selection of cataloguing service with NSW AMES management
  • Selection of Library Management System Vendor with NSW AMES management

As a result of this project NSW AMES now has a fully functional library.

Completed 2009

Ipswich Library and Information Service (QLD)

Procurement Review

Review of the library’s collection procurement processes – this project was related to an earlier project (conducted by another consultancy) on profiling of library collections.

The review included:

  • A detailed analysis of current processes, including associated Council financial processes
  • Face-to-face interview with all key staff
  • Interviews with library suppliers

The outcomes of the project included:

  • Production of a report with findings and recommendations
  • One day staff action planning and priority setting workshop based around the reports recommendations

Contact: Ms Narelle Rhodes
Library Services Manager
Tel: (07) 3810 6767

Completed 2009