Blue Mountains Library Service (NSW)

Project: Library Review, Infrastructure review and Strategy

Project Components and Outcomes:

  • Building Assessments – comprehensive review of all library branches, including condition and location; preparation of individual branch reports; recommendations report
  • Library Review – comprehensive review of services / operations. This included staff consultations (direct and survey) and comparative analysis using Australian public library standards
  • Service Delivery Model – review of current model and development of a new service delivery model for planning purposes and to maximise service delivery to communities across the Blue Mountains
  • Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan – based on the outcome of the review and proposed service delivery model
Katoomba Library, Blue Mountains

Commonwealth Department of Health, Information Resources and Research Services (IRRS)

IRRS is the Department’s specialist bio-medical and scientific information provider. Its key role is to provide timely, comprehensive and cost effective delivery of authoritative information to meet the needs of the Department’s Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG).

Project Description:

A comprehensive review of IRRS including key influencers and drivers, organisational alignment, clients, service offerings, organisational structure, services management and supporting processes.  The review identified opportunities and improvements to enable IRRS staff to better support the strategic goals of the Department and the information needs and skills required of its specialist staff.

Project Outcomes: 

A report and strategic action plan that contained:

  • A redefinition and re-scoping of the service
  • A set of recommended actions and strategies for ongoing development
  • Metrics-informed process and performance management
  • A listing of potential new and upgraded technologies to assist in the implementation of better-practice e-resource management and research support
  • Alignment with departmental strategic direction

Associate Consultant: Steve O’Connor

Steve O’Connor’s extensive experience, skills, insight and knowledge provided an invaluable contribution to this project. RHCS highly recommends Steve O’Connor. To find out more see:

Mareeba Shire Council (QLD)

Project: Library Efficiency Review

Project Description:

A review of:

  • Services and service priorities
  • Operations, including staffing, structure, opening hours, programs and events, systems, marketing and promotion, infrastructure and partnerships
  • Current and future trends impacting, or likely to impact on, the library

Project Outcomes:

A detailed service review report, including clear service priorities and strategic recommendations / actions

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Project: Scoping and Concept Planning Project – Helensburgh Branch Library

Project Description:

Initial scoping and concept planning for the future upgrade / replacement of the current Helensburgh Branch Library.

This included:

  • Community Consultation (Workshops and community survey)
  • Demographic analysis – future trends
  • A building audit / assessment and report (current library)
  • Review of public library trends in both service delivery and design
  • A location analysis i.e. analysis of the current branch location and other potential locations
  • An initial review of a draft design brief

Project Outcomes:

A comprehensive and consolidated report regarding the current state and future options for Helensburgh Branch Library.

Penrith City Library Service (NSW)

Project: Library Strategy Review (External Review and Strategic Report)

Project Description and Outcomes:

  • A detailed review and analysis of the library’s current operating environment.
  • An external review of trends and challenges in the public library sector
  • Demographic analysis (future trends)
  • Policy and strategic context analysis
  • A review and summary of previous library planning documents

Project Outcomes:

  • A comprehensive library review and strategic analysis report
  • Development of a strategic recommendations report and action plan – this included a proposed future service delivery model
  • Strategy adopted by Penrith City Council

City of Marion (SA)

Project: Library Service Review and Strategic Action Plan

Project Description:

An extensive review of library services –  an external review to identify service improvements, cost reductions, increasing revenue and streamlining service delivery. The review included an analysis of the current staffing structure and service delivery model.

Project Outcomes:

  • A Service Strategy (Action Plan)
  • A recommended organisational structure
  • A recommended service delivery model

Town of Gawler (SA)

Gawler Library

Project: Library Service Review

Project Description: A full review of the operations of the library service, and the preparation of a strategic plan. The purpose of the review was to allow the Town of Gawler to make short term improvements to service delivery, while the strategic document will help position the Council to provide library services to meet the needs of the community over the next ten years.

Project Outcomes

  1. A strategic planning document including;
  • an environmental scan of the public library sector
  • a detailed overview of the current Gawler Public Library
  • a review of the current demographics of the Gawler area, detailing the impacts on the library service, a brief comparative performance review, benchmarking Gawler Public Library against some of its peers.
  1. The report, Library Connect, recommending ways Gawler Public Library can integrate with the greater Gawler Connect project (a federally funded project to deliver a digital hub for the people of Gawler)
  1. A strategic vision for the future, through an innovative new staffing structure and clearly defined goals and objectives.

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Project: Library Consolidation Project

Project Description: This project was commissioned to examine the libraries within the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and its portfolio partners, to identify any opportunities for collaborative or cooperative projects, and shared services. The libraries concerned are the Office of Environment and Heritage Library; the Daniel Solander Library (Royal Botanic Gardens); the Caroline Simpson Library and Research Collection (Sydney Living Museums); and the Heritage Library. OEH is an affiliated agency of the Department of Planning and Environment.

Project Outcomes: A comprehensive report that:

  • Identified a service model to provide the same or better library services with the same or fewer resources; and
  • Included recommendations for implementation such as
    • consolidation of print resources with fewer circulation points and improved delivery services
    • Repurposed spaces to meet changing user needs
    • Staff resources aligned to service priorities (strategic goals)
    • Professional development opportunities for library staff.

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Project: Library Service Review

Project Description: A comprehensive review of the Library service’s current effectiveness, efficiency and usage, and the preparation of a strategic action plan to guide the library in the future delivery of services and programs to agency staff. The review included an exploration of future options for the delivery of library services to the agency and provided recommendations that would enable the Director, Information Management and Spatial, to implement a strategic plan for the Library that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of the agency staff now and into the future.

This project was aimed at developing a better understanding of the current service model, and providing examples of good practice in the provision of library services.

Project Outcomes: A report and strategic action plan that contained:

  • A set of recommended actions and strategies for the ongoing development of the library service
  • Recommendations for continuous service improvements
  • Alignment with departmental strategic direction


Campbelltown City Library (NSW)


Project: Collection Service Review

Project Description: A best practice review of Campbelltown City Library’s technical services and collection management, including current procurement; budgeting; the policies and procedures for selection, acquisition, cataloguing (throughput and output) and end-processing; cataloguing standards; levels of outsourcing and efficiency of current outsourcing; collection development and profiling practices, including general and specialist staff input into collection development; and customer feedback / input mechanisms.

Project Outcomes: A comprehensive report and change document including recommendations on:

  • Staffing e.g. structure, performance measures; revision of position descriptions; team communications etc.
  • Selection, acquisition and suppliers
  • Cataloguing e.g. responsibility and accountability
  • Technology e.g. the library management system
  • Cataloguing backlog management