Training (Australia & New Zealand)

1.  Strategic Planning Training

RHCS provides introductory and advanced strategic planning workshops * that cover:

  • Strategic planning principles
  • The strategic planning process
  • Situation analysis, including identification of internal and external inputs
  • Identifying critical issues
  • Defining the strategic framework
  • Tactical thinking

2. Marketing planning

RHCS provides introductory and advanced marketing planning workshops that cover how to

  • Define marketing (within the context of your business, community or workplace)
  • Define key marketing terms and how they apply and relate to your business or organisation
  • Develop a set of clear marketing objectives
  • Undertake a situation analysis i.e. scoping the parameters, information sources, research techniques
  • Define, select and develop your market, target markets and marketing mix
  • Develop marketing plan strategies, tactics and actions
  • Develop the right communication strategy for each target market
  • Monitor your marketing performance

Contact: Roger Henshaw | Principal Consultant, RHCS | E: |T: +61 414 190 133

* RHCS has also conducted an Introduction to Library Strategic Planning course nationally and in New Zealand through Performance Improvement Conferences and Seminars ( This course is now available directly from RHCS

Coffs Harbour Library and Information Service (NSW)

coffs harbour library workshop

Project: Library Review and Strategic Plan

Project Description: The development of a comprehensive and Council aligned strategic plan included, research into current library industry trends and issues; a comprehensive online and paper format community survey, face-to-face consultations with the library staff (included an online staff survey), community, youth, library volunteers, and Council staff. The strategic review also referenced current NSW and national library standards and guidelines.

Project Outcomes – A comprehensive strategic planning document and support resources that delivers:

  • Clear direction for staff and the community on the library’s strategic priorities
  • The strategies and actions required to achieve strategic goals
  • The basis for resource planning and external funding applications; and
  • An alignment with Council’s integrated planning and reporting framework and relevant 


Greater Taree City Libraries (NSW)

Greater Taree City Library

Project 1: Staffing Review

Project Description: This project focused on reviewing and analysing current work practices and in particular:

  • Workload evaluation and management practices
  • Teamwork practices
  • Assessment of structure
  • Resourcing
  • Technology
  • Strategic direction
  • Collection management
  • Training / learning / skills development
  • Locational limitations

Outcome: A report providing a comprehensive set of findings and recommendations regarding strategically reassessing and changing current staff / team work practices

Project 2: Community Library User Survey

A comprehensive online and paper format library user survey was undertaken in tandem with the library staffing review. The survey was designed to capture the community’s view and comments regarding the library service, with particular emphasis on hours of operation and satisfaction with services and staff. The survey also captured demographic data that included age grouping, gender, and branch used which allowed demographic filtering of the results e.g. by branch. A full analysis with recommendations was provided.

Note: Greater Taree Libraries are now Manning Valley Libraries

Mornington Island Library (QLD)

Mornington Island Library






Library Service Review

Mornington Island is a small Aboriginal community in the Gulf of Carpentaria and is now administered by the Mornington Shire Council. Gununa township is home to the majority of the island’s population of around 1,200.

Mornington Island is located 2270 km north west of Brisbane and 125 km north west of Burketown; the nearest centre of population

Project Description: A comprehensive review of library operations, funding and staffing. Provision of recommendations / options regarding a future service delivery model and strategy.

Contact: Chris Francis, CEO | Mornington Island Shire Council


Tel: (07) 47457200 | Email:

This project was undertaken in collaboration with Richard Sayers and Associates

Lotus Children’s Centre School Library (Mongolia)

Lotus Children’s Centre School Library






Library Design Brief

Project Description: This project was undertaken pro bono for the Rotary Club of Wahroonga (NSW) and involved the development of a comprehensive report and planning document regarding the setting up of a school library for the Lotus Children’s Centre. The report and planning document included site requirements and recommendations in the following areas:

  • Furniture and fittings
  • Shelving
  • Collections
  • Technology
  • Staffing
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Layout / floor plan design

Contact: Roger Henshaw

Clarence Regional Library Service (NSW)

Local Studies Review and Strategy

Project Description: Review local studies collection practices across the Clarence Region, including an analysis of the current practice of the library and regional history groups/organisations and individuals.

The review included:

  • Consultation with key stakeholders, including staff, Council officers, historical and family history societies, museums and the community
  • Review and benchmarking of current heritage collection practice i.e. a review of practice at other public library services
  • Review of current operational and capital investment in local studies by the region

As a result of the review a set of recommendations has been developed that forms the basis of a regional local studies strategy for both the library and other interested groups, organisations and individuals.

Project outcomes

A Local Studies Strategy that provides:

  • A common / core set of overall goals, objectives and strategies for the library’s ongoing local studies service delivery
  • A cohesive and practical local studies service delivery model that meets contemporary standards and guidelines
  • A collaborative and community approach to the ongoing collection, preservation, dissemination and promotion of the region’s history
  • Opportunities to learn and share information / knowledge


Contact: Kathryn Breward, Regional Librarian

Tel: (02) 6642 7480



Clarence Valley Library Service (NSW)

Library Service Infrastructure Review

A comprehensive review of all library branch infrastructures against all current library and building standards; Occupational Health & Safety standards etc – the project outcomes included a comprehensive infrastructure report and individual report by branch i.e.:

    • Production of building condition reports for each branch with recommendations
    • Production of branch building area data sheets based on current standards i.e. service based floor space calculations and associated requirements (these can be used by Architects as a design brief)
    • Infrastructure Report incorporating the findings and recommendations of the building condition reports, service based requirements and recommendations

Clarence Valley Council has since recommended the building of a new central library (Grafton Branch)

Tablelands Regional Library (QLD)

Library Infrastructure and Organisational Review; and Strategic Plan

A comprehensive strategic review of library services and infrastructure against all current library and building standards; Occupational Health & Safety standards etc – the project outcomes included:

  • A review of each branch (infrastructure evaluation report)
  • A community survey
  • A staff survey
  • Development of library service delivery model recommendations
  • Development of a library strategic plan

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Procurement Review

A comprehensive review of all library procurement services and practices, including:

  • A detailed exploration and calculation of current in-house procurement costs
  • A detailed exploration of procurement services and costs offered by external suppliers (for comparative purposes)
  • Face-to-face meetings with all key stakeholders and stakeholder groups
  • Research of collaborative purchasing models
  • Research of shelf-ready outsourcing practices and services
  • Research of quality control requirements and issues
  • Survey of surrounding library services regarding outsourcing and interest in collaboration

The outcomes of the project included:

  • Development and presentation of a comprehensive, fully costed review including findings, options and recommendations

Contact: Ms Neroli Blakeman
Central Library & Support Services Manager
Tel: (02) 4227 7413

Completed 2008

New South Wales Adult Migrant Education Service (NSW AMES)

Library Management System and Cataloguing Review; and Implementation Project

Project Description:

  • Scoping of a Library Management System Tender
  • Scoping of library material cataloguing requirements (approximately 35,000 items needed to be catalogued)
  • Selection of cataloguing service with NSW AMES management
  • Selection of Library Management System Vendor with NSW AMES management

As a result of this project NSW AMES now has a fully functional library.

Completed 2009