Ipswich Library and Information Service (QLD)

Procurement Review Review of the library’s collection procurement processes – this project was related to an earlier project (conducted by another consultancy) on profiling of library collections. The review included: A detailed analysis of current processes, including associated Council financial processes Face-to-face interview with all key staff Interviews with library … Continue reading

Marrickville Council (NSW)

Structural and Operational Review of Marrickville History Services Structural and Operational Review of Councils History Services and Library Services, including: Interviews with all key stakeholders Budget analysis Infrastructure analysis Operational access analysis Review of relevant legislation (part of the structural framework assessment) The outcomes of the project included: Development of … Continue reading

Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (NSW)

Library Service, Systems and Structural Review Library Service Review – assessment of current and future staffing / library operational requirements, including: Organisational structure Staff capacity and competency Staff workloads and current work practices Policy and procedure Library membership Assessment of the current Library Management System and library technology (public and … Continue reading

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Mobile and Home Library Services Review A comprehensive review of the library’s home and mobile library services, including: Benchmarking surveys (costs, staffing etc) Staff surveys and meetings Community survey Home library service evaluation and recommendations Mobile Library Service evaluation and recommendations Staffing review (structural change recommendations) The outcomes of the … Continue reading

Whyalla City Library Service (SA)

Library Structural Review and Strategic Plan A comprehensive review of library services and the development of a library strategy and new staffing structure The project outcomes included: Comprehensive community, staff and Councillor consultation and workshops, Staff consultation meetings and workshop Community Survey (online and paper-based) Development of a library strategic … Continue reading

Southbank Institute of Technology (QLD)

Library Service Review and Strategic Plan Library Service Review: The SBIT library was the result of the merging of four campus libraries into one. The review outcomes included: A comparative study (benchmarking review) of four other dual sector libraries Research and analysis of external trends affecting library services, including areas … Continue reading

Geelong Regional Library Corporation (VIC)

Community Library Service Project Description: Development of a Community Library Service – an extension of the Home Library Service to the four local government areas that make up the region, to more effectively meet the information, recreation, cultural and education needs of the residents and communities. The project outcomes included: … Continue reading