The following RHCS resources may be downloaded and used by anyone but are not for sale or commercial redistribution. These documents may be used or modified for use, by any person or organisation, on the proviso that any ideas on improving them are shared. Please submit document improvements/modifications to

 RHCS Resources

  • Project Development Template (Project Brief Development Template)
    • This step-by-step template is useful when developing a project brief and even has a section to help you determine whether or not you require a consultant. The template is based on PRINCE project planning principles
  • Marketing Plan Guide for Libraries (Guide to Developing a Public Library Marketing Plan (PDF version)
    • The marketing plan guide steps you through the basics of developing a marketing plan. While the guide was primarily developed for libraries it would also be of value to any not-for-profit organisation considering the development of a marketing plan.

Useful Web Resources

Search for a library anywhere in Australia: Australian Libraries Gateway

Australian Library Standards & Guidelines

Library Building Projects

Other useful web resources

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