Campbelltown City Library (NSW)


Project: Collection Service Review

Project Description: A best practice review of Campbelltown City Library’s technical services and collection management, including current procurement; budgeting; the policies and procedures for selection, acquisition, cataloguing (throughput and output) and end-processing; cataloguing standards; levels of outsourcing and efficiency of current outsourcing; collection development and profiling practices, including general and specialist staff input into collection development; and customer feedback / input mechanisms.

Project Outcomes: A comprehensive report and change document including recommendations on:

  • Staffing e.g. structure, performance measures; revision of position descriptions; team communications etc.
  • Selection, acquisition and suppliers
  • Cataloguing e.g. responsibility and accountability
  • Technology e.g. the library management system
  • Cataloguing backlog management

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Procurement Review

A comprehensive review of all library procurement services and practices, including:

  • A detailed exploration and calculation of current in-house procurement costs
  • A detailed exploration of procurement services and costs offered by external suppliers (for comparative purposes)
  • Face-to-face meetings with all key stakeholders and stakeholder groups
  • Research of collaborative purchasing models
  • Research of shelf-ready outsourcing practices and services
  • Research of quality control requirements and issues
  • Survey of surrounding library services regarding outsourcing and interest in collaboration

The outcomes of the project included:

  • Development and presentation of a comprehensive, fully costed review including findings, options and recommendations

Contact: Ms Neroli Blakeman
Central Library & Support Services Manager
Tel: (02) 4227 7413

Completed 2008

New South Wales Adult Migrant Education Service (NSW AMES)

Library Management System and Cataloguing Review; and Implementation Project

Project Description:

  • Scoping of a Library Management System Tender
  • Scoping of library material cataloguing requirements (approximately 35,000 items needed to be catalogued)
  • Selection of cataloguing service with NSW AMES management
  • Selection of Library Management System Vendor with NSW AMES management

As a result of this project NSW AMES now has a fully functional library.

Completed 2009