Blue Mountains Library Service (NSW)

Project: Library Review, Infrastructure review and Strategy

Project Components and Outcomes:

  • Building Assessments – comprehensive review of all library branches, including condition and location; preparation of individual branch reports; recommendations report
  • Library Review – comprehensive review of services / operations. This included staff consultations (direct and survey) and comparative analysis using Australian public library standards
  • Service Delivery Model – review of current model and development of a new service delivery model for planning purposes and to maximise service delivery to communities across the Blue Mountains
  • Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan – based on the outcome of the review and proposed service delivery model
Katoomba Library, Blue Mountains

Wollongong City Library (NSW)

Project: Scoping and Concept Planning Project – Helensburgh Branch Library

Project Description:

Initial scoping and concept planning for the future upgrade / replacement of the current Helensburgh Branch Library.

This included:

  • Community Consultation (Workshops and community survey)
  • Demographic analysis – future trends
  • A building audit / assessment and report (current library)
  • Review of public library trends in both service delivery and design
  • A location analysis i.e. analysis of the current branch location and other potential locations
  • An initial review of a draft design brief

Project Outcomes:

A comprehensive and consolidated report regarding the current state and future options for Helensburgh Branch Library.

ARM Architecture (VIC)

Geelong Library & Heritage Centre Project

Library Buildings







Project Description: Research, staff workshop and initial design brief input for ARM Architecture for the approx. $40m Geelong Library and Heritage Centre project.


Project Outcomes: Preliminary input report that provided advice on vision and image, relevant standards and guidelines for buildings, shelving etc., and service delivery trends (local, national and international) for library and heritage services. Practical advice on physical issues such as access and address. A comprehensive design brief spreadsheet for each service element was also developed.

ARM Architecture Urban Design Masterplanning
Level 11/ 522 Flinders Lane
Melbourne Victoria 3000