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RHCS and Aurora Information Technology are working in partnership to reduce costs for public library customers by facilitating a move to cloud technology, supplying value added services and in negating the need for expensive add on options.

Based on its own research and practical experience with public libraries throughout Australia, RHCS identified the following challenges and opportunities for public libraries:

  • Limited or shrinking budgets, trying to do more with less
  • Higher scrutiny regarding the future role and place of the public library i.e. by Councils
  • Exceptional growth (and associated resource pressure) in demand for library programs, especially support programs e.g. using technology (digital literacy)
  • Council amalgamations, and especially the potential for amalgamations in N.S.W.
  • Growing meaningful partnerships e.g. within the public library network
  • Technology issues e.g. the challenges public libraries have operating within an often-restrictive Council IT environment – this can include a significant lag time in providing public access to updated software, the latest browser, blocking of recreational websites etc.
  • The importance of libraries maintaining their independence, while still being able to work together cooperatively
  • The ongoing cost of management and operation of a Library Management System (LMS), and its impact on the budget bottom line

AIT offers public libraries a world class and cost effective means of moving their LMS to the cloud.  Together, AIT and RHCS have the experience and value added services to simplify and improve this move while saving the library money. Both AIT and RHCS are Australian owned, N.S.W. based, library supplier organisations with many years’ experience.

In continuing to win recent N.S.W. public library LMS business in open tender against foreign owned vendors, AIT has proven that it offers local public libraries an innovative way to reduce their ongoing LMS costs, to operate an independent library configuration while still being able to link easily to other system users either in a proven consortium model or separately.  The Aurora LMS comes complete – no expensive add-on’s and no restrictions on the number of public customers accessing the system.

If you would like to find out more please contact RHCS or telephone 0414 190 133