Alice Springs Public Library

Library Review and Strategic Plan

The Alice Springs Public Library provides traditional library services to the community of Alice Springs, it also supplies a unique distance service to the remote people of Central Australia. The library receives more than 120,000 visits per year and houses the The Alice Springs Collection - a collection of materials which relate to the historical, scientific and cultural heritage of Central Australia.


  • Review of current services, performance and model of delivery 
  • Review of infrastructure
  • Staff and Council consultation regarding current challenges and aspirations for the future
  • Assessment of contemporary public library trends (their value and potential)
  • A comparative analysis against other libraries
  • A four year library strategy


  • Recommendations on infrastructure, access, outreach, staffing, collections, programs, resourcing, partnerships and marketing
  • Comparative research to support planning and resourcing
  • A comprehensive four year library strategy
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