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Libraries have a long history and will continue to evolve into the future. The key to library services remaining relevant, vibrant, and in touch with customer needs is based in research, review, consultation and analysis of solid data.  At Roger Henshaw Consultancy Services (RHCS) we have the skills, objectivity and independence to help libraries leap into the future, offering service delivery models suited to the times and in tune with community needs.

Focussing on a collaborative relationship, we work in conversation and dialogue with you to understand your needs. Additionally, customised training, coaching and mentoring services are available to enable your staff to undertake the above services in-house if preferred.

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with clients, extending beyond the completion of a project. Our goal is to enable clients to create meaningful and practical management strategies consistent with Australian library guidelines and standards.

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A shared vision for the future. Through collaborative work to understand your needs and vision let's take your library from survive to thrive.
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