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With these resources we aim to strengthen libraries by providing information, hints, advice, and useful articles as well as library news. We hope you enjoy these posts, and if you would like to see us write on any topics in particular, please let us know.

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Do I really need a consultant?

Here are just a few reasons you might consider using RHCS.

  • Past experience with a wide range of library-based projects
  • Experience in identifying and engaging library users, non-users and other stakeholders
  • Expertise in developing strong, workable solutions
  • Focused attention on your project
  • Offer of an outside, objective perspective
  • We approach your project from a data-driven angle
  • We help our clients learn so they are able to use our approach and learnings in the future

If you choose to do it inhouse e.g., a service review, RHCS can assist with customised staff training and a wide range of useful resources, templates and checklists.

How much will it cost?

The investment your organisation makes is usually project-based – a fixed amount to deliver the desired solution. RHCS offers a competitive, value-driven service. Please contact us to discuss your individual project.

How long does it take to develop a strategic plan?

Anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on many factors – the size of your organisation, the availability of key stakeholders, access to data etc. RHCS are able to give you a reliable estimate of how long your project will take, and are generally able to meet client timeframe.

I manage a local museum and gallery, NOT a library. Can you help me review our operations?

While our specific industry knowledge is library-based, our broad knowledge of the cultural sector allows us to bring fresh ideas to the table. The underlying processes of a service review are relevant no matter the organisation. Our team are skilled researchers, and able to quickly familiarise themselves with the particular environment in which they are working. RHCS also utilises the associate consultancy services and experience of a cultural services expert.


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