Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Research Library Service Review

The MAAS Research Library (Powerhouse Museum, Sydney) is a reference library supporting the exhibitions, publications and programs of the Museum. The Research Library collection dates from 1880, and its subject specialities reflect the Museum’s diverse collecting areas. The library contains approximately 40,000 books, 1,500 journal titles, and a range of electronic and audio-visual resources.


  • Assessment of the Research Library’s operations, services and collections
  • Evaluation of service delivery (service delivery model) – how services are delivered to both internal and external clients
  • Assessment of current floor space, layout, usability, and accessibility
  • Assessment of organisational reach (communication and marketing)
  • Future library i.e. opportunities


  • Service Delivery Model assessment
  • Future of the Research Library recommendations
  • Collections, space, facilities, marketing, communication and technology recommendation
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