Laying the groundwork for future improvement

Properly understanding current services of a library is a critical first step in laying the groundwork for future library improvements. A review can be conducted as a ‘whole of service’ project or as a targeted assessment examining just selected aspects.

Service Delivery Models

Service Delivery Model reviews typically include assessment of a library’s:

  • service range/scope
  • accessibility (services, collections, location, opening hours etc)
  • policy
  • protocols
  • processes
  • procedures
  • support systems
  • technology
  • service priorities
  • demographic alignment to membership/users
  • organisational structure

Research Projects

Roger Henshaw Consultancy Services can assist with the scoping of research projects for internal use; and will also undertake and document library-based research projects.


Employees are any organisation’s greatest asset. Staffing reviews allow you to identify the skills and training needs of staff and create an organisational map of customised, targeted training required to enable every employee to grow in line with the library’s future vision, to the benefit of the organisation, its staff and community.

Collection Management

Roger Henshaw Consultancy can undertake reviews of collections and collection policy and management plans either as an individual project or as part of an overall service delivery review. This process includes customer/community engagement regarding collection scope, relevance and satisfaction.

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