Delivering a successful vision through comprehensive planning

Articulating a library’s future vision in a written plan is invaluable for providing a pathway for achieving its goals. This is the tool that gives management and governing bodies the facts and structure necessary to approve budgets and turn ideas into action.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan identifies areas of future focus, key priorities, desired outcomes, resourcing requirements, and performance measurement. This process also considers resource and workforce planning to optimise delivery of goals and outcomes.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a process undertaken with staff and other identified stakeholders. It is used to inform all planning processes – particularly future strategic planning. Scenario planning helps an organisation think through possible futures, to develop a preferred future path.

Marketing and Communications Planning

Marketing and communications planning can encompass a library’s whole service or be targeted to a specific group or market segment. It is about communicating planned or enacted library changes to the relevant stakeholders – such as staff, library users and the broader community.

Communications planning can also include developing internal communication planning frameworks.

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