Sunshine Coast Libraries

Library Network Review Project

Sunshine Coast Libraries (QLD) is a network of eight public library branches and two mobile libraries operating in the Sunshine Coast area.  A full review of services enabled an accurate assessment of services and then the development of a future plan for the library network through to the end of this decade.


  • Review of current service delivery model across the library network
  • Community survey regarding the future of the library network survey
  • Comprehensive review of current library infrastructure (branches)
  • Comparative reporting against best practice libraries
  • Development of a library service delivery model for the network, including a preferred future scenario statement
  • Development of a Library Network Plan 2019 – 2028


  • A review of all services, service delivery model and operations with recommendations for change
  • Demographic and comparative benchmarking against world class libraries
  • A 10-year library service network plan to guide the ongoing development of the service and its infrastructure requirements
  • A recommended future service delivery model
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